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Also sold separately in 6″ section, 12″ section, 18″ section, 24″ section. Please call for pricing.

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Soft Impact Stacking Plyo Boxes – Absolutely the best for plyo boxes for plyometric training! Soft Impact Plyo Boxes are made from high density foam and are firm enough to support the most vigorous of repeat jumps with safe and secure foot planting, yet soft enough to provide lower impact stress on joints and bones such as feet, ankles, shins, hips, and lower back. Dense foam surfaces, edges and corners also greatly cut down on the possibility of injury to shins and other body parts compared to hard surface boxes. Soft plyo platform heights available are 6”, 12”, 18” and 24”. Stack any combination together for desired height from 6” to 42” or taller! All plyo cushions are uniform in size at 30” x 36” which allows an ample landing platform for maximum plyometrics training versatility and stability.

Our Soft Impact Stackable Plyo Boxes are proudly Made In The USA from the highest quality materials to insure their longevity in any commercial environment. All boxes are covered with 18 oz. vinyl on the sides with extra thick 30 oz. non-skid vinyl on the tops and bottoms. All box sizes can be placed on any flooring surface without risk of scratching or any other damage. Soft surface plyo boxes are a safe plyometrics training tool that can be used in garage gyms, CrossFit boxes, school gymnasiums, sport performance training facilities or anywhere else plyo training is being conducted for fitness or performance.

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12" Stackable Pylo Box Section, 18" Stackable Pylo Box Section, 24" Stackable Pylo Box Section, 6" Stackable Pylo Box Section, Stackable Plyo Box Set 6", 12", 18"


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